Typical Screen Printing Decorating Table

Most decorators have created decorating tables.  A screen printing decorating table might consist of different quantity breaks across the top and different numbers of imprint colors down the side, in spreadsheet format.  Prices are normally lower for fewer colors and for higher quantities.  These tables can be developed in many ways.  You may base your tables on a complicated costing system that takes into account overhead, fixed costs, desired levels of profit, etc.  Or you may have developed tables based on other equally complicated formulas involving setup times, print rates and the like.  Or you may have developed your tables based on what the competition is charging.  Regardless, most decorators have pricing tables.

In the Quote Magician all decorating tables can have up to 12 quantity breaks.  Your screen printing decorating tables can have an unlimited number of print colors per table.  You can include your standard screen charges, special screen charges or any setup charges that may apply.

Your embroidery decorating tables can be entered using one of three different methods:

Base Cost Plus Each Additional 1,000 Stitches

Table Pricing plus Each Additional 1,000 Stitches

Table Pricing Only

You can also create Hybrid Tables for items like Heat Seal Names and Numbers, or for Embroidered Names which are not based on stitch counts.  Tables can be Fixed Price or they can have profit added in the pricing screens.  This flexibility allows you to create an almost limitless number of ways to price your decorated sportswear.

With your tables in hand you are ready to begin to harness the power of the Quote Magician.