Warning - Warning - Warning - Warning - Warning

Five Warnings should be sufficient to get your attention.  Below are several important points that we want you to be aware of before purchasing the Full Version Product Key:

  • Before you purchase the Full Version Product Key you are REQUIRED to have downloaded and installed the Demo version of the Application.
  • To confirm your demo system is working properly all you need to do is Exit the Application, then launch it again.  If it opens and you see the Main Menu then it is working properly.  If you are asked to enter your Product Key each time you launch the application it is NOT functioning properly.  See our Support Videos for information on how to correct this before purchasing the Full Version Product Key.
  • After the purchase is completed you will receive several emails.
    • One email is your receipt.
    • We will send another email with your Product Key - more on that below.
  • Upgrading the Product Key is an easy process.  There is a video in our Support section which details the steps.  Simply put, go the Product Key button in Preferences and enter your new Product Key.

Product Key

Important:  The process of generating a Product Key is NOT automatic.  It must be done by someone in our office.  This can take up to 24 hours, although we try to generate keys at least twice a day.  Please be patient.  If you don't receive your key within 24 hours please send us an email or give us a call.

What Happens if I Purchase the Product Key BEFORE Installing the Demo?

What happens if you mistakenly skip all the warnings we have given telling you to download the demo first and you go ahead and purchase a Product Key?  The answer is, if the first contact we have with you is the purchase of the Full Version Product Key we will know that you haven't installed the demo because we haven't yet issued you a Demo Product Key.  So in this case, we will send you an email directing you to download and install the Demo.  

If for some reason you have trouble and cannot get the demo to work we can refund your purchase.  This is the only circumstance where we will issue a refund - before we issue a Full Version Product Key.  After you get the demo to work you can then contact us via email and request that we send you the Full Version Product Key (that you already paid for).  

However, let's say you ignore all our warnings and you tell us you installed the demo and request that we send a Full Version Product Key, but truthfully you never installed the demo and verified it works properly.  Let's say you fibbed.  And then you have issues that cannot be resolved.  If we have issued a Full Version Product Key we CANNOT issue a refund.  Please make sure the Demo works properly BEFORE purchasing the Full Version Product Key.