Filemaker database runtime applications are usually pretty stable.  That is until something weird happens - a power outage, a full moon, the Browns win the Super Bowl - and then you have problems.  We don’t like problems any more than you do.  Here is a tip that will save you some headaches - make a backup of the program.  Here’s how.

First install the program, enter your product key, make sure it is running as it is supposed to.  Next, enter in all of your decorating tables and do all of the customizing you intend to do for the profit margins and other options in the program.  Then, once you have everything just the way you like it do the following:

Make sure the program is closed - don’t ever make a copy of an open application.

Locate the program:

• On Macs it is a single file in the Applications folder called QuoteMagician

• On PC’s it is a folder on your desktop called QuoteMagician

Make a copy of the file or folder noted above.  When the copy is made save it someplace safe.  Then, if you ever have a problem you can trash the old copy, move the new copy into place and keep going like nothing happened.

And if you forget to make a backup copy, and you encounter a problem, all you need to do is reinstall the application, enter your product key, and then RE-ENTER all your decorating tables.  That isn’t a lot of fun, so be sure to backup your program.